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Major Headings for Scsi's Part 3: What is Scsi's "Perfect 10" Challenge? Page

The five major headings provided on this Web page are listed below:


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Answer: How well (or how poorly) do any other Web site's pages measure up against Scsi's "Perfect 10" Standard for achieving "World Class Level" Web Sites?

All right. Scsi assumes that you've reached this point by reading all of the statements in Part 1 and in Part 2 of Scsi's "Perfect 10" Web Site Standard combined with accessing the related hyperlinks.

If that is so, you've certainly spent a considerable amount of your time absorbing what Scsi's Web Site Best Practices are all about and what their attendant benefits are, especially the resulting increase in your productivity while browsing within the Scsi P&KT Web site. What's next to know and do?

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Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheet (STCEW) Tool -- Making "Perfect 10" Testing Easy For You To Do

To quickly find out what seamlessly integrated and clearly demonstrable benefits are claimed for each and every Web page, take a moment now to either view or download Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheet (STCEW) Tool -- especially by using Scsi's convenient one-pager worksheet file:

View a PDF file of the STCEW Tool Checklist document.

You can use the STCEW Tool document to quantitatively score any page -- on any Web site -- you so choose to evaluate.

General Instructions

Once you've completed filling in all ten fields of the form and have totaled the score, you can quickly draw your own conclusions as to the degree of conformance of that Web page to Scsi's "Perfect 10" Set of "World Class Level" Web Site Best Practices.

Specific step-by-step Instructions

With the STCEW Tool either displayed or printed out and in front of you, do the following:

  1. Access a Web site page to examine for assessment for each of Scsi's "Perfect 10" Web Site Best Practices.
  2. For each of the ten Web Site Best Practices listed, enter either a Y (for Yes) or an N (for No) as answers -- based on what you have learned should occur with the Scsi P&KT Web Site as your model reference.
  3. Tally up the number of "Yes" entries and multiply that number by 10 to get the Web Site Best Practices score for that particular Web page.
  4. Refer to the legend for scoring and enter the resulting number on the Worksheet box reserved for that entry.
  5. Assess the "degree of conformity grade" for that Web page based on the resulting cumulative score, namely: Perfect (100), Excellent (90), Good (70 or 80), Fair (50 or 60), Poor (30 or 40), Abysmal (10 or 20), and Total Failure (a zero).
  6. If you decide to quantitatively assess any additional Web pages and/or other Web site's Web pages, repeat the above five steps until you are done.


That's how really easy it should be for you perform this evaluation process.

The resulting STCEW Tool-based scores you will determine will likely range from 0 to 20 which, unfortunately, represents the norm for most Web sites. Scsi believes that this disappointing fact reflects the lack of focus or serious attention by company personnel toward understanding and applying both Web usability and Web accessibility principles and practices -- matters that Scsi feels should be incorporated in as seamless a manner as possible -- to benefit every Web site visitor on any given company's Web site(s).

Actually seeing for yourself just how very large the "room for improvement" remains among most Web sites -- regardless of company size or amounts of monetary expenditures -- will definitely prove to be an eye-opening experience that you will long remember, appreciate, and (hopefully) pass along to others to learn about and apply as well. Lots o' luck.

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Available Formats

For your convenience, make use of Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheet (STCEW) Tool -- provided as a one-page Portable Document Format (PDF) file, as a one-page Microsoft Word (DOC), or as a two-page (TXT) file.

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Scsi's WebKISS™ Guide #4 provides Guidelines for Assessing Scores

Specifically, follow closely the detailed instructions cited within Scsi's WebKISS™ Guide #4: What could Management learn ...? Web page.

Note that you should be able to readily complete while remaining on-line either the PDF- or Word-based STCEW Tool's fields and then print out the entire document if you wish to do so when finished.

Alternatively, you could print out any of the three document types and provide your answers manually on the printout itself. In either case, this straightforward, easy-to-complete document will provide you with a means and method that you can make immediate use of to quickly record for direct comparison any Web site's pages for conformance to Scsi's World Class Level Web Site standard.

Note also that if you have Portable Document Format (PDF)-generating software installed already, you can fill out the PDF version form on-line, print the results out before closing that window, and save the results locally on your PC for later recall.

Over the longer term, you can even make use of a number of copies of the worksheet's tabular format to determine for yourself whether or not you can actually find any other Web site that can match the Scsi P&KT Web site's set of "Perfect 10" Best Practices. Most likely, finding even just one page on any given other Web site that will pass all ten Web Site Best Practices will prove challenging enough to accomplish.

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What subsequent actions are recommended by Scsi?


Let your thoughts be known

Consider the possibilities. Armed with the knowledge as to which of Scsi's Web Site Best Practices: are missing, you can make a real difference because you now know specifically corrective actions are missing from the Web site pages you've evaluated.

Just take a few moments to pass along to these companies your newly-gained insights as to what they are specifically neglecting to address. Scsi is certain that you and the many respective Web site visitors who have to put up with such matters on a regular basis at these Web sites will certainly be thankful for your efforts on their behalf.

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Demand answers to your focused criticisms

Imagine their surprise when and if you do contact them and state specifically which of Scsi's "Perfect 10" Web Site Best Practices are not adhered to within their Web site's pages. Moreover, they will most likely have little or no idea about how to discern these Web usability and accessibility issues for themselves. So, you can take the initiative to inform them about the Scsi P&KT Web site and direct them to make use of the STCEW Tool that you have by now mastered to confirm your observations for themselves.

For example, you can provide that company's Webmaster or Marketing/Sales/Customer Service/Support personnel with a copy of Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheet (STCEW) results. Moreover, you should request that they take whatever steps are necessary to focus on implementing each missing Best Practice that you have taken the time to establish as being one that they have overlooked in creating their Web site's pages.

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Remember that you are the one who must be served

You could even direct them to repeat the same series of tests for themselves by referencing the associated Scsi P&KT Web site's descriptions for each Web Best Practice (Feature).

Always remember this: As the visitor/customer/prospect/user to any Web site, you are both the most essential and most critical element in the overall Web site experience. The success of a company's Web site depends entirely upon putting your needs, wants, and desires first, foremost, and above all other objectives.

After all, your inherently customer-centric inputs and continued focus on fully expecting to get the most value for your time and money invested will ultimately prove crucial in stimulating company personnel to recognize this fact, pay attention to your inputs, and take actionable steps to correct any and all clearly defined Web Site Best Practices found to be missing from the Web site's currently faulty design and implementation.

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Inform Scsi of your communication successes

In any case, do have fun trying, and be sure to let Scsi know if you find any Web sites that have even one Web page that scores 100 (that is, clearly deserved ten "Yes" entries in the STCEW Tool's set of Web Site Best Practices).

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How will going through the exercise of completing Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheets help both Web site designers and Web site visitors in the long run?

  1. Perhaps surprisingly, most Web page Web Site Best Practices scores will generally come out below 50 in most cases, indicative of significant room for improvement.
  2. Making use of this straightforward test will make you better informed of specific problems that should be addressed.
  3. The associated Web site designers should be made aware of these facts and should take appropriate steps to address the related Web Usability and Accessibility issues as soon as possible.
  4. Poring over the Scsi's Web site's pages for steps to take toward achieving a World Class level Web site is really the next best thing to actually retaining Scsi to assist your company in solving these easily discerned issues.


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What to do if your Web site pages exhibit Web Site Best Practices scores that fall far short of measuring up?

You may conclude that you really need Scsi's professional assistance to raise the overall Web Site Best Practices scores for your company's Web site(s)'s pages to a more acceptable level. If this proves to be the case, Scsi encourages you to swallow your pride and do the right (and most profitable) thing -- contact us.

After all, by now you should be convinced that Scsi knows how to implement these and other productivity-driven concepts and principles. So, why not take that decisive step to retain Scsi to assist you toward achieving similar objectives for your company? Do it now. Thank you.

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