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Purpose of Scsi's Contributed Listing of Merchants and Vendors at the Historic Findlay Market Web page

Provided by Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. (Scsi) as a pro bono service in support of small businesses, this Web page is designed to assist anyone to quickly locate, view, and access detailed contact information for Historic Findlay Market (HFM) Merchants and Vendors, along with descriptions of their respective products and/or services offered. You might, for example:

  1. Browse through Scsi's listings and select from among the categorized sets of hyperlinks of merchants and vendors located at Historic Findlay Market.

  2. Make use of the detailed information provided in the four sub-sections under the Historic Findlay Market's Merchants List section, namely: Market House, Storefronts, Farmers Market / Farmers Shed, and Weekend Vendors.

    Note that each of these four sub-sections provides you with Historic-Findlay-Market-vendor-specific information, such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Web site addresses, Facebook or Twitter pages, and more.

  3. View or print out a map of the Historic Findlay Market's geographic area, particularly if you are not familiar with the marketplace's location.
  4. Print out some or all of this Web page's contents to take with you as an reference aid when visiting merchants and vendors located at the Historic Findlay Market.

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Specific Notes about the Dynamic Nature of this Web Page's Contents

  1. This Listing of Merchants and Vendors at the Historic Findlay Market Web page is a pro bono contribution from and maintained by Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc..

  2. This Web page's contents are intended to serve as a convenient way to productively maximize everyone's Web browser-based experience in quickly finding merchants- and vendors-related information -- specifically associated with the Cincinnati, Ohio-based Historic Findlay Market location.

  3. Due to the dynamic nature of vendors' assignments and associated information, some listings and hyperlinks may become outdated or in need of correction. For such occurrences, you are encouraged to provide instant on-line feedback using Scsi's Contact Form 1 regarding any needed corrections or for making suggestions on ways to improve this Web page's contents, layout, or overall usability. Your inputs will always be welcomed and appreciated by Scsi.

  4. Another option for you to consider choosing would be to send an e-mail to Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. citing whatever needs prompt attention or updating within this Historic Findlay Market Listing of Merchants and Vendors Web page. Thank you! -- Raymond Sonoff.

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General Hours of Operation for Merchants and Vendors at Historic Findlay Market

For your convenience, general guidelines for hours of operation for most of the merchants and vendors are as listed below (unless noted otherwise):

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. -- TUESDAY - FRIDAY

8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. -- SATURDAY

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. -- SUNDAY

*** CLOSED *** -- MONDAY

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Historic Findlay Market's MERCHANTS LIST

For additional detailed information about any vendor listed here, be sure to also visit the WEB SITE: Historic Findlay Market (HFM).

NOTE: Merchants are listed in alphabetical order within each respective sub-section that follows.

Historic Findlay Market's MARKET HOUSE

NOTE: For your navigation convenience, you can select any of the hyperlinked business names to jump directly to that Merchant's listing within the MARKET HOUSE category provided below:

Areti's Gyros . Bender Meats . Bouchard's . Busch's Country Corner . Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices . Daisy Mae's Market . Dojo Gelato . Findlay Market Center . Frank's Fish and Seafood Market 2 . Fresh Table . Gramma Debbie's Kitchen . J.E. Gibbs Cheese . Kroeger & Sons Meats . Luken's Poultry, Fish, and Seafood . Mackie Quality Meats . Mama Lo Hizo . Mike's Meats . Mimi's Gourmet Eggrolls & Curry Bowls . Mt. Kofinas . Neil Luken Meats LLC . Taste of Belgium


  1. Areti's Gyros: - Products: Salad; Ready-to-Eat & Take Out; Other Meats; Juice & Beverages; Groceries & Dry Goods; Ethnic Food & Groceries; Cheese & Dairy; Cakes, Pastries & Desserts; Breads & Baked Goods; HFM Location 43. Phone (513) 720-9034.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Proprietors: Areti & George Papastergiou.

  2. Bender Meats: - Products: Spices & Seasonings; Sausage; Pork; Deli Foods; Condiments; Cheese & Dairy; Breads & Baked Goods; Beef; HFM Location 41. Phone (513) 621-2570. E-mail: Proprietor: Sean Corcoran.

  3. Bouchard's: - Products: Salad; Ready-to-Eat & Take Out; Pasta; Juice & Beverages; Cakes, Pastries & Desserts; Breads & Baked Goods; Hot dishes made to order - 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Weds.-Fridays; 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays-Sundays. HFM Location 10. Phone (513) 381-5838. E-mail: Facebook: Brocato's Italian Market. Proprietors: Renee Miller, Jody Miller.

  4. Busch's Country Corner: - Products: Poultry; Beef; HFM Location 42. Phone (513) 723-1333. E-mail: Proprietors: Michael & Amanda Busch.

  5. Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices: - Products: Spices (500+ !) & Seasonings; HFM Location 8. Phone (513) 421-4800.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices. Twitter: Colonel De. Proprietors: Colonels De & Susan Stewart.

  6. Daisy Mae's Market: - Products: Year-Round Produce;; HFM Locations 46 & 47. Phone: (513) 602-5601. E-mail: Facebook: Daisy Mae's Facebook page. Twitter: Daisy Mae's Twitter page. Proprietors: Barry and Barb Cooper.

  7. Dojo Gelato: Products: Ice Cream & Smoothies; Coffee & Tea; Cakes, Pastries, & Desserts; HFM Location 11. Phone (513) 328-9000.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Dojo-Gelato. Twitter: dojogelato. Proprietor: Michael Christner.

  8. Findlay Market Center: - Products: Findlay Market Items; HFM Location 24. Phone: (513) 665-4839. E-mail: Proprietor: Findlay Market Staff.

  9. Frank's Fish and Seafood Market 2: Products: Fish & Seafood; HFM Location 40. Phone (513) 421-0900.
    WEB SITE: Facebook: Fish and Seafood Market 2. E-mail: Proprietors: Frank and Charles Gonzalez.

  10. Fresh Table: - Products: Fresh Table is a sustainable, local, organic takeout offering a full menu prepared daily on-site.; HFM Location 45. Phone (513) 381-3774 (FRSH).
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Twitter: freshtable. Proprietors: Meredith Trombly, Louis Snowden.

  11. Gramma Debbie's Kitchen: - Products: Ready-to-Eat & Take Out; Poultry; HFM Location 33. Phone (513) 421-4726 (GRAM). E-mail: Facebook: Gramma-Debbies-Kitchen-at-Findlay-Market. Proprietor: Debbie Knueven Gannaway.

  12. J.E. Gibbs Cheese: Products: Sausage; Salad; Other Meats; Deli Foods;Condiments; Cheese & Dairy; Candy & Confections; HFM Location 13. Phone (513) 421-7459. E-mail: Proprietor: Jeffrey M Gibbs.

  13. Kroeger & Sons Meats: Products: About 40 varieties of sausage; HFM Location 34. Phone (513) 651-5543. Foursquare: Kroeger & Sons Meats Foursquare page. Proprietor: Matthew K. Gannaway.

  14. Luken's Poultry, Fish, and Seafood: Products: Poultry; Fish & Seafood; HFM Location 20. Phone (513) 621-5560 (Store); (513) 621-5567 (Office). Fax: (513) 621-5557.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Luken's Poultry, Fish & Seafood. Proprietor: Mike Luken.

  15. Mackie Quality Meats: Products: Fresh beef, chicken, and pork; Come down any day of the week to enjoy some fresh-cut filets, daily-cut pork chops, or some chicken wings! HFM Location 44. Phone (513) 421-0459. E-mail: Facebook: Mackies Quality Meats. Proprietor: Phil Leurck.

  16. Mama Lo Hizo. Products: Mexican Food; HFM Location 21. Phone: (513) 621-6262.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Mama Made It. Proprietor: Mark Whitworth.

  17. Mike's Meats: Products: We are a meat and deli shop that also carries salads, frozen food items and breakfast items.; HFM Location 31. Phone (513) 241-5386. Facebook: mikesmeats. E-mail: Proprietors: Mike and Diane Bender.

  18. Mimi's Gourmet Eggrolls & Curry Bowls: - Products: Ready-to-Eat & Take Out; HFM Location 22. Phone: (513) 381-6464. E-mail: Facebook: Mimis-Gourmet-Eggrolls-Curry-Bowls. Proprietors: Sithi ("Sam") and Mimi Assanuvat.

  19. Mt. Kofinas: Products: Ethnic Food & Groceries; Cretan Olive Oil. HFM Location: Market House. Phone: (513) 432-4565.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Mt. Kofinas Extra Virgin Olive Oil Facebook page. Twitter: OliveOilTwtSnobs. Proprietor: Nick Semertzides.

  20. Neil Luken Meats LLC: - Products: Steaks, chops, burgers, ribs, chicken, and sausages; HFM Location 12. Phone (513) 721-6533. Proprietor: Neil Luken.

  21. Taste of Belgium: Products: Restaurants; Ready-to-Eat & Take Out; Coffee, Tea, Espresso & Other Drinks; Sweet and Savory Crepes, Waffles; Beer Pizza, Quiches, Sandwiches, and Sides; Desserts; Breads & Baked Goods; HFM Locations 25 & 30. Phone (513) 381-3280.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: tasteofbelgium (FB). Twitter: tasteofbelgium (twitter). Proprietor: Jean-Francois Flechet.

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Historic Findlay Market's STORE FRONTS

NOTE: For your navigation convenience, you can select any of the hyperlinked business names to jump directly to that Merchant's listing within the STORE FRONTS category provided below:

Cake Rack Bakery . Churchill's Fine Teas . Dean's Mediterranean Imports . Eckerlin Meats . Elaine Adams Productions . Eli's BBQ . Heist Fish & Poultry, LLC . Madison's at Historic Findlay Market . Mama Made It Kettle Corn . Market Wines . Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Store . Pho Lang Thang . Saigon Market . Silverglade's Specialty Foods . Swirly Bears Ice Cream Parlor and Candy Shop


  1. Cake Rack Bakery: - Products: Cakes, Pastries, & Desserts. HFM Locations 54 & 55. Phone (513) 549-8623.
    WEB SITE: Facebook page: Cake Rack Bakery. E-mail: Proprietor: Jeannette Werle.

  2. Churchill's Fine Teas: - Products: Churchill's Fine Teas come in all sizes and shapes; HFM Location 69. Phone (513) 421-1455. 122 West Elder Street.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Churchills-Fine-Teas. Twitter: KathleenTeaKern. Proprietors: Kathleen Kern, Jerry Kern.

  3. Dean's Mediterranean Imports: - Products: Ethnic Food & Groceries; Breads & Baked Goods; HFM Location 76. 108 West Elder Street. Phone (513) 241-8222.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook page: Mediterranean-Imports. Proprietors: Dean Zaidan.

  4. Eckerlin Meats: - Products include Bacon, beef, cheeses, fresh sausage, goetta, pork, Stuffed Chicken Breasts, and veal; HFM Location 72. 1812 Pleasant Street, Cincinnati OH, 45202. Phone (513) 721-5743.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Eckerlin Meats Order-Inquiry Form. Facebook page: Eckerlins-Specialty-Meats-at-Findlay-Market. Twitter page: eckerlinmeats. Proprietor: Bob Lillis.

  5. Eli's BBQ: - Products: Pork. HFM Location: 133 West Elder Street (Essen Strasse): Phone: (513) 307-8318.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook page: Eli's BBQ. Twitter page: ElisBBQCincy. Proprietor: Elias Leisring.

  6. Heist Fish & Poultry, LLC: - Products: Poultry; Fish, & Seafood; HFM Location 77: 106 West Elder Street. - Poultry, Fish & Seafood. 106 West Elder Street. STORE HOURS: Open: 9-5 on Tuesday - Thursday; 9-6 on Friday; 8-6 on Saturday. Closed: Sunday and Monday. Phone (513) 721-3474. E-mail: Proprietor: Tim Heist.

  7. Madison's at Historic Findlay Market: Products: Salad; Poultry; Pork; Olive Oil; Juice & Beverages; Ice Cream & Smoothies; Honey; Groceries & Dry Goods; Fresh & Organic Produce; Farm Eggs; Condiments; Coffee & Tea; Cheese & Dairy; HFM Location 75. 110 West Elder Street. Phone (513) 723-0590. E-mail: Facebook page: Madison's Market Facebook; Twitter page: MadisonsMarkets. Proprietors: Carolyn & Bryan Madison.

  8. Mama Made It Kettle Corn: - Products: Ready-to-Eat & Take Out;Candy & Confections;; HFM Location 56. Phone (513) 257-7959.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Mama Made It. Proprietor: Mark Whitworth.

  9. Market Wines: - Products: Wine, Beer & Spirits; HFM Location 66. 128 West Elder Street. Phone (513) 744-9888.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Twitter: marketwines. Proprietor: Michael Maxwell.

  10. Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Store: - Products: Pet Food; HFM Location 71. Phone (513) 721.8696 (Direct number). After hours, phone (513) 884-8696.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: PetWants @ Findlay Market. Twitter: petwants. Proprietors: Michele Hobbs, Amanda Broughton.

  11. Pho Lang Thang: - Products: Ready-to-Eat & Take Out; Juice & Beverages; Coffee & Tea. HFM Location 74. 114 West Elder Street. Phone (513) 376-9177. E-mail: Facebook page: dothelangthang. Proprietors: David Le, Bao Nguyen, Duy Nguyen.

  12. Saigon Market: - Products: Spices & Seasonings; Sausage; Poultry; Pork; Pasta; Other Meats; Juice & Beverages; Jewelry & Gifts; Fresh & Organic Produce; Fish & Seafood; Ethnic Food & Groceries; Condiments; Coffee & Tea; Candy & Confections; Cakes, Pastries, & Desserts; HFM Location 57. 119 West Elder Street (Essen Strasse). Phone (513) 721-8053. E-mail: Proprietor: Nghiep Ho.

  13. Silverglade's Specialty Foods: - Products: Sausage; Other Meats; Ethnic Food & Groceries; Deli Foods; Coffee & Tea; Cheese & Dairy; Cakes, Pastries & Desserts; Breads & Baked Goods; HFM Location 70. 118 West Elder Street. Phone (513) 421-6156.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Twitter page: silverglades. NOTE: Free (password-protected) Wi-Fi access is provided by this vendor. Proprietors: Michael and Craig Silverglade.

  14. Swirly Bears Ice Cream Parlor and Candy Shop: - Products: Delicious Treats; Candy-making Classes. HFM Location 68: 124 West Elder Street. Phone: (513) 608-3980.
    WEB SITE: The Ice Cream Shop is currently open Fridays from 11:30-2:30 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30-3:30 p.m.

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Historic Findlay Market's FARMERS MARKET / FARMERS SHED



  1. FARM SHED HOURS: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sundays.
  2. Seasonal presence -- April through November -- applies.
  3. Because the information provided below is subject to change throughout the seasonal presence period, it can only be representative in nature.
  4. Merchants and Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.
  5. RECOMMENDATION: Double check with vendors as to what their scheduled days and times are for Farmers Market / Farmers Shed appearances.


Listed below is information about many of the vendors who offer their products in the Historic Findlay Market's Farmers Market / Farmers Shed.

NOTE: For your navigation convenience, you can select any of the hyperlinked business names to jump directly to that Merchant's listing within the FARMERS MARKET / FARMERS SHED category provided below:

A Mother's Touch Cakes . Apple Ridge Farm . Backyard Orchard LLC . Breezy Acres Farm . Chocolats Latour . Boone Creek Creamery . Dark Wood Farm . Donna's Gourmet Cookies . Fabulous Ferments . Findlay Market Urban Farms . LeGrand Vegetables . Linda's Luxuries . Lobenstein Farm . Nay Nay's . Niemeyer Farm . Northgate Greenhouse . Salatin's Orchard . Scott Family Farms . Summuh . The Cottage Bakery . Turner Farm . Urbana Cafe . Wildey Flower Farm


  1. A Mother's Touch Cakes: - Products: Cakes, Pastries & Desserts;
    WEB SITE: A Mother's Touch Cakes. Phone: (888) 551-1526. E-mail: Facebook: amotherstouchcakes. Manager: Gail Yisrael.

  2. Apple Ridge Farm: - Products: Fresh Produce; Grower of fruits and vegetables; Phone: (859) 635-9681. E-mail: Proprietor: Marvin Barbian.

  3. Backyard Orchard LLC: - Products: Fresh & Organic Produce; Phone: (812) 438-4766. E-mail: Proprietor: Dennis Sauerhage.

  4. Breezy Acres Farm: - Products: Pork, Other Meats, Fresh Produce, Farm Eggs, Cheese & Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Produce, Pastured Eggs, and Meat; E-mail: Proprietors: Sharon & Chuck Wright.

  5. Chocolats Latour: - Products: Candy & Confections; Phone: (513) 591-0085.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Chocolats Latour. Proprietors: Shalini Latour.

  6. Boone Creek Creamery: - Products: Cheese & Dairy; Phone: (859) 402-2364.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Proprietor: Ed Puterbaugh.

  7. Dark Wood Farm: - Products: Fresh & Organic Produce; Phone: (859) 620-2180.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: darkwoodfarmstead. Twitter Web page: darkwoodfarm. Proprietor: Annie Woods.

  8. Donna's Gourmet Cookies: - Products: Cakes, Pastries & Desserts; Phone: (513) 489-9600.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Donna's Gourmet Cookies Bakery. Proprietor: Donna Phelps.

  9. Fabulous Ferments: - Products: Juice & Beverages; Phone: (513) 236-9779.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: FAB FERMENTS. Proprietor: Jennifer DeMarco.

  10. LeGrand Vegetables: - Products: Fresh Produce; Seasonal Produce; Phone: (859) 393-4459. E-mail: Proprietor: William LeGrand.

  11. Linda's Luxuries: - Products: Soap; Phone: (513) 729-3903. E-mail: Proprietor: Linda Lipp.

  12. Lobenstein Farm: - Products: Fresh Seasonal Produce, Farm Eggs; Flowers & Bedding Plants. Phone: (812) 576-3177. E-mail: Proprietor: Kim Callahan.

  13. Nay Nay's: - Products: Breads & Baked Goods. Phone: (513) 720-5843. E-mail: Proprietor: Alicia Jackson.

  14. Niemeyer Farm: - Products: Fresh Produce; Tree Fruits, Berries, Honey, Woodcrafts; Phone: (812) 637-0875. E-mail: Proprietor: Mike Niemeyer.

  15. Northgate Greenhouse: - Products: Flowers & Bedding Plants. Phone: (513) 729-1134.
    WEB SITE: Facebook page: Northgate-Greenhouses-Inc. E-mail: Proprietor: Kathy Hogebeck.

  16. Salatin's Orchard: - Products: Fresh Produce; Phone: (812) 744-3481. E-mail: Facebook: Salatins Orchard. Proprietor: Richard Salatin.

  17. Scott Family Farms: - Products: Fresh Produce; Farm Eggs; Phone: (859) 586-8018. E-mail: Proprietor: Jim Scott.

  18. Summuh: - Products: Deli Foods; Phone: (513) 607-1854. Facebook Page: Summuh: Artisan Hummus. Twitter: SummuhCincy. E-mail: Proprietor: Ethan Snider.

  19. The Cottage Bakery: - Products: Breads & Baked Goods; Phone: (513) 504-7617. E-mail: Proprietor: Alice Dunn.

  20. Turner Farm: - Products: Fresh & Organic Produce; Phone: (513) 561-7400. E-mail: Robert Edmiston, President of the Board.

  21. Urbana Cafe: - Products: Coffee & Tea; Phone: (513) 374-1924. E-mail: Proprietor: Daniel Noguera.

  22. Wildey Flower Farm: - Products: Flowers & Bedding Plants; Cut Flowers, Holiday Greenery; Phone: (513) 884-2317. E-mail: Facebook: Wildey-Flower-Farm. Twitter: wildeyflowerfarm. Proprietor: Karen.

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Historic Findlay Market's WEEKEND VENDORS

Weekend vendors are located in the outdoor areas around Historic Findlay Market's Market House. Open-air vendors line the streets with tents and tables, whereas streetside vendors make use of roll-up doors (located around the outer periphery of Findlay Market's Market House proper) behind which they have their products for sale.

NOTE: For your navigation convenience, you can select any of the alphabetically-ordered hyperlinked business names to jump directly to that Merchant's listing within the WEEKEND VENDORS category provided below:

Bandi Wear, LLC . Bee Haven, LLC . Betina's . Blue Oven Bakery . Blue Rock Medicine Show . Cake Rack Bakery . Catanzaro Family Produce . Dad's Favorite Cheese Spreads . Dorsa Studios . Gaudio Produce . It's All My Stuff . Mama Made It Kettle Corn . Maumee World Traders . Mockingbird Hill Farm . Nature's Gifts . O Pie O . Rebecca's Raj Express . Royaltees . Simpson Produce . The Beautiful Bags Lady . Todd's Run Nursery . Zinncinnati


Tuesdays through Sundays:


Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays:


Thursdays through Sundays:


Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays:

  1. Blue Rock Medicine Show: - Products: Stone Wrapping and Jewelry; HFM Location 16. Phone (513) 349-9189. E-mail: Proprietor: David Allen Kock.

  2. Mama Made It Kettle Corn: - Products: Ready-to-Eat & Take Out;Candy & Confections;; HFM Location: Elder Street. Phone (513) 257-7959.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Mama Made It. Proprietor: Mark Whitworth.

  3. Royaltees: - Products: Soap; T-shirts, body oils, and hats; HFM Location: Elder Street. Phone: (513) 498-5505. E-mail: Proprietor: Michael Lee.


Saturdays and Sundays:

  1. Dorsa Studios: - Products: Jewelry & Gifts; HFM Location 27. Phone (513) 728-0853.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Dorsa-Studios. Proprietor: Michael Dorsa.

  2. It's All My Stuff: - Products: Traditional and abstract decorative pottery; HFM Location: 16. Phone (513) 505-0554. E-mail: Proprietor: Marty Herrmann.

  3. O Pie O: - Products: Sweet savory pies using fresh, seasonal, and locally available ingredients; contact us for special orders; HFM Location: Elder Street. Phone (513) 274-3238.
    WEB SITE: Facebook: opieobakery. Twitter: @opieobakery. E-mail: Contacts: Ian Sobeck and Lou Ginocchio.

  4. The Beautiful Bags Lady: - Products: Crafts (Shopping Bags); HFM Location: 131 West Elder Street (between Eli's BBQ and Maverick Chocolate): Phone (513) 240-3395.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Proprietor: Carolyn Mason.


Saturdays only:

  1. Bandi Wear, LLC: - Products: Jewelry & Gifts, Crafts; HFM Location: Elder Street: Phone: (513) 297-3210.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: bandiwear. Twitter page: @bandiwear. Proprietors: Beverly Vance Perrea, Beth Cooper Koenig.

  2. Bee Haven, LLC: - Products: Honey; HFM Location: 7: Phone: (513) 542-5621. E-mail: Proprietors: Samantha and Scott Gordon.

  3. Betina's: - Products: Soaps & Body Care Products; HFM Location 14: Phone (513) 324-8727.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Proprietor: Betty Miller.

  4. Blue Oven Bakery: - Products: Breads & Baked Goods; Phone: (859) 992-8180. HFM Location 3:
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook: Blue Oven Bakery. Twitter: blueovenbakery. Proprietor: Mark Frommeyer.

  5. Cake Rack Bakery: - Products: Cakes, Pastries, & Desserts. HFM Location 6. Phone (513) 549-8623.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Facebook page: Cake Rack Bakery. Proprietor: Jeannette Werle.

  6. Dad's Favorite Cheese Spreads: - Products: Cheese & Dairy; HFM Location: Elder Street. Phone: (859) 309-1930.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Proprietor: James Caudill.

  7. Elaine Adams Productions: - Products: Jewelry & Gifts; Fabric-covered Vases. Proprietor: Elaine Adams.

  8. Gaudio Produce: - Products: Year Round Produce; HFM Location: Elder Street. Phone (513) 886-5678. Proprietor: John Gaudio.

  9. Maumee World Traders: - Products: Jewelry & Gifts; Furniture; HFM Location 26. Phone (513) 505-3313.
    WEB SITE: E-mail: Proprietor: Gary Sprague.

  10. Mockingbird Hill Farm: - Cut Flowers. HFM Location: Found at Zinncinnati. Proprietor: Tammy Stanley.

  11. Nature's Gifts: - Products: Soap; Flowers & Bedding Plants; HFM Location: Elder Street. Phone: (513) 825-7627 (SOAP). E-mail: Proprietor: Jane Staubitz.

  12. Rebecca's Raj Express: - Products: Jewelry & Gifts; HFM Location: Elder Street. E-mail: Facebook page: Rebecca's Raj Express. Proprietor: Rebecca Schrand.

  13. Todd's Run Nursery: - Products: Flowers & Bedding Plants; HFM Location 38. Phone: (513) 724-2612. E-mail: Proprietor: Tom Murphy.

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