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Major Headings for the Productivity: eLearning and Web-based Collaboration Page

Diverse sets of eLearning and Web-based collaboration (Webcasting) productivity tools, methods, and techniques are regularly made use of by Scsi, and this Web page provides a quick summary for your further examination and use.


NOTE: Relevant hyperlinks are included within the associated paragraphs to make your browsing session productive and all the more enjoyable.

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A sampling of eLearning Resources

Provided here is a small sampling of five Web-based eLearning-related Web Sites that you might wish to visit for more specifics.

ASTD's Learning Circuits Web Site

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) provides at their Learning Circuits Web site an "on-line magazine all about e-learning" — a descriptive label that is most appropriate. The coverage provided there always proves to contain highly informative and useful e-learning-related information to both professionals and non-professionals alike.

NOTE: Scsi places the ASTD's Learning Circuits Web site at the top of the list for providing the latest information regarding e-Learning methods, techniques, tools, and related references. Don't pass up an opportunity to visit this Web site.

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Bersin & Associates Web Site

According to a description provided on the Contact Us page of the Bersin & Associates Web site, "We are dedicated to giving you the information, resources, methodologies, and guidance you need to be successful in your e-learning initiative...."

NOTE: Scsi subscribes to Bersin & Associates' newsletter and suggests that you visit their Web site to find out more about their award-winning "What Works®" research, white papers, and other offerings in e-learning technology and implementation.

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Brandon Hall's Web Site

The Web site contains the following statement: "Since 1993, we have provided independent, objective information about using technology for learning to help you make the right decisions for your organization. We keep you well-informed on trends, best practices, tools and vendors, without bias."

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Chief Learning Officer Web Site

Visit the "Solutions for Enterprise Productivity" Web site for Chief Learning Officer (CLO)-focused information and related hyperlinks, including symposiums, seminars, sourcebook (an on-line magazine), and whitepapers. Chief Learning Officer magazine focuses on solutions for enterprise productivity in the enterprise learning market.

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eLearning Guild's Web Site

On the Web site's About Us page is the following description: "The eLearning Guild is a Community of Practice for designers, developers, and managers of e-Learning. Through this member driven community we provide high-quality learning opportunities, networking services, resources, and publications. Community members represent a diverse group of instructional designers, content developers, web developers, project managers, contractors, consultants, and managers and directors of training and learning services who work in corporate, government, and academic organizations. All members share a common interest in e-Learning design, development, and management."

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Global Knowledge's Web Site

The Web site's slogan is "Experts Training Experts" and many informative articles, white papers, webinars, and formal training courses are listed for your further examination.

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Integrity eLearning's Web Site

On the Web site's index page is the following greeting: "Welcome to Integrity's center for technical excellence in eLearning. In addition [to] lots of information about us, our products, and our services, you'll also find plenty of technical information and support to help you create your eLearning solution."

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Learning Peaks, LLC's Web Site

On Patti Shank's Learning Peaks, LLC Web site's index page is her greeting: "distance learning... online learning... hybrid... asynchronous... So many options and choices... what makes sense? We're Learning Peaks, LLC, innovative instructional technology consultants, and we care deeply about learning and people. We help corporations, organizations, and higher education institutions determine when and how (and whether) to use technology and the Internet for learning. We believe strongly in maximizing instructional value and available resources."

NOTE: Patti Shank is an instructional technology consultant and a frequent writer/speaker on instructional technology topics. She can be reached through her Web site.

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Web-based Collaboration Programs

Examples of a few of the numerous Web collaboration products that you might find of interest are listed below.

NOTE: Scsi feels that the wide diversity in scope, coverage, features, and capabilities among even this "short list" of Web collaboration program vendors can only be appreciated when you actually make use of them, for example, during a 'Webinar' event.

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AT&T's Connect Support Web Site

AT&T's Connect Support offers a Web-based Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP) referred to as AT&T Connect that offers conferencing for the Enterprise.

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Basecamp Web Site

Basecamp represents an innovative tool (first released back in March 2004) for project management-via-the-Internet, and as stated on the Basecamp Web site, "Join thousands of others who've discovered Basecamp - the smarter, easier way to keep your clients, co-workers, and projects on track." According to the information listed on the Web site, the sign-up-to-login procedure takes only a minute of your time, no activation fees are ever involved, and you can select from a reasonable monthly fee structure that would match up with the number of projects you want to be able to manage via Basecamp.

Scsi is currently investigating making use of this high productivity-focused product for forthcoming projects. Shouldn't you give serious consideration to its use within your organization as well?

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WebEx's Web Site

WebEx is available from WebEx Communications, Inc. which states "WebEx provides multimedia business communications services that enable Web conferencing, video conferencing, teleconferencing --- all accessed through your browser. Make audio, video and rich media part of every Web-based collaboration."

NOTE: Scsi has made use of WebEx-based sessions for interactions with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who truly enjoyed being able to review the fruits of the collaborative efforts in creating distance-learning based training modules for effective use within their nationwide organization.

WebEx has proven itself throughout the Internet to be a superb collaboration tool in many other less-specific areas of application as well, including Web-based seminars ("Webinars").

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Ziff Davis Media e-seminars Web Site

On Ziff Davis Media's eseminars Web site are free Web seminars for executive and professionals. If this matches with your occupation or fields of interest, Scsi recommends that you make it a point to examine the various offerings that are listed under the Upcoming Events heading on the Home page of this Web site. Each time that you register and attend any of these Webcast seminars, you will be almost certain to pick up a lot of valuable information which you would not likely encounter elsewhere, and the speakers and moderators are excellent communicators. To top it all off, if you miss out on the live presentations, you may be able to locate hyperlinks to be able to view recorded presentations that have been archived for this purpose.

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