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Major Headings of Scsi's Productivity: Desktop Page

Provided here is an alphabetically ordered listing of desktop productivity tools regularly made use of by Scsi.


NOTE: Relevant hyperlinks are included within the associated paragraphs to make your browsing session productive and all the more enjoyable.

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ClipMate(tm) Clipboard Extender v7.5

ClipMate(tm) is a shareware program from Thornsoft Development, Inc. ClipMate is probably at or very near the 'top of Scsi's list' of productivity tools, particularly for those situations where Scsi knows the job at hand (e.g., Web content development and related testing activities) will require going well beyond simple screen capture usage only. ClipMate provides a database backup feature, ability to sort and categorize your image into collections, exporting options, and so on.

Among the numerous features that are listed by the author as available within ClipMate are the following:

  1. Printing - ClipMate's printing engine has been re-written, and now offers a "paper saver" feature, allowing multiple clips to print on a single page, if space allows. Graphics can be multi-printed too, and there's an override so that large graphics will still print on their own pages
  2. Portable Drives - ClipMate can now run from a portable USB "thumb drive", allowing you to take ClipMate to any Windows PC. The program, data, and registration key are all completely portable. ClipMate is Certified on "U3 Smart" drives!
  3. Flexible Paths and Settings - You can now specify the temp and log directories. You can have settings stored in .ini files instead of the registry.
  4. Command-Line Parameters - have expanded considerably, including the "STOP" option which can be used to halt ClipMate for unattended backups.
  5. Screen Capture Expanded) - Multi-Monitor capture is expanded with dedicated buttons for screens 2 through 8.
  6. XML Import/Export - Allows you to share clips with other users, or synchronize multiple databases. If you move from one computer to another, you can export the new/changed clips, and then import into the other database to "sync up". You can even send XML files to other users to share your favorite clips.
  7. Macro Clips - Allow you to designate clips as "macro clips", so that special tokens such as {ENTER}, {TAB}, #DATE#, etc., will be "expanded". This allows the insertion of ENTER, TAB, and modifiers like CTRL+, ALT+, and SHIFT+ to perform "live" as the item is virtually "typed into" the target program. This allows limited navigation within the target app, such as entering a TAB between a userid and password, followed by an ENTER.
  8. Universal QuickPaste - Available from within Explorer or Classic. Just double-click on a clip, and it pastes wherever you were working. The new "Auto-Targeting" feature watches to see which application you are working in, so that it knows where to paste data when you double-click on a clip.
  9. ClipBar - Integrates right into the windows taskbar, showing the current clip, and up to two rows of toolbar buttons. It's completely customizable so that you can have your most frequently used ClipMate commands right on the taskbar. It's integrated with QuickPaste, giving you quick access to your clips right on the windows taskbar. And you can always see what's on the clipboard!
  10. External Drag 'n Drop - You can now drag text, rich text and graphic clips right into any OLE-compliant application like Word, Internet Explorer, FireFox, TextPad, etc.. You can also drag portions of a text clip from the editing window directly into other programs. And internal drag/drop has been enhanced as well, such as when dragging a clip into the editor.
  11. Virtual Collections - Show you all clips captured Today, last 7 days, and last 31 days.
  12. Templates - add title, URL, date/time, or any boilerplate text to clips as they are pasted. It's like a "mail-merge", built right in. Similar to the "format strings" in QuickPaste, but will work in all situations, and is compatible with PowerPaste.
  13. Screen Capture - Dual-monitor capture is now supported, with mouse pointer capture.
  14. Toolbar Customization - the toolbars on the Editor, ClipBar, Classic and Explorer are all customizable. Just right-click on an empty part of the bar, or a button that doesn't otherwise have a pop-up menu, and you can add/remove/move buttons. This is especially useful with the new ClipBar, allowing you to position buttons for your most frequently-used commands.
  15. User Interface improvements feature easy "stay on top" toggling with transparency, more flexible choices with ClipMate Classic layout, and visually pleasing "skins."


Other Enhancements cited by the author as available within ClipMate are these:

  1. RSS-enabled "ClipMate News and Updates" feature keeps both you AND your software up-to-date.
  2. Outbound Filtering is now "active", meaning that if enabled, any new clip arriving on the clipboard is immediately overwritten by a "plain text" or "plain bitmap" version, without the fancy formats such as HTML, RTF, OLE, etc.
  3. Graphic storage in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format, with comparable space savings to JPEG with no loss of image quality.
  4. Export - The Export function can now prompt for filenames. Graphic clips can be exported directly to PNG files, along with JPG and BMP as before.
  5. URL highlighting in editor can now be turned on/off, enabling editing of text with URLs.
  6. Database compatibility with ClipMate 6.5 - eases transitioning, with proven reliability.
  7. Additional hotkeys for manual clip capture, toggling auto-capture, and manual filtering.
  8. Improved Unicode Support


Scsi has made extensive use of ClipMate's features over a number of years to both accurately and thoroughly document technical writing projects for clients. It is a phenomenal tool, and Scsi encourages you to download a 30-day trial version and investigate ClipMate's powerful features for yourself. Below is what you will find described on the company's Web site. Good luck!

"ClipMate runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. A single-user/two-computer license is only $34.95 USD. You can buy now, read more, see some screenshots, or test-drive our free, 30-day trial."

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FinePrint is a shareware program from FinePrint Software, LLC that will allow you to print booklets, print preview, print multiple pages onto a sheet, embed letterheads, superimpose watermarks, and much more.

For sure, it saves paper, but it also provides you with the opportunity to truly "see-before-you-choose-to-finally-print" -- or even to choose to "print out only a specific displayed page among many" when that is what you wish to do.

Scsi purchased this superlative Personal Computer (PC) printer productivity tool and uses its many features for virtually all printing operations because of its versatility to both show and do what is expected of it. For example, by making effective use of a wonderful "view-the-queue-before-selecting-the-print-button" feature of the FinePrint software, you will experience firsthand what constitutes true control and advance knowledge of exactly what you'll obtain as the actual printed output -- before actually making that final commitment to send a given file to the printer. The ready availability of free upgrades is an additional reason Scsi recommends that you download an evaluation copy to put it through its paces. Once you do, Scsi is convinced that you also will purchase a copy.

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SnagIt is an excellent Screen Capture program available from TechSmith Corporation. Besides the Windows O/S versions, the SnagIt software is available for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. The SnagIt software program consists of a capture tool (usually iconized as SnagIt) and a seamlessly integrated editor tool (similarly iconized as SnagIt Editor). Together, they allow you to accomplish such things as are listed below.

  1. "Images and Videos in Minutes: No matter what you're working on, Snagit helps you capture great looking images and videos with just a few clicks. Easily customize your screen captures with effects, or show off what's important with Snagit’s markup tools. You can also create quick videos by recording your screen."
  2. "Capture Anything: Make sure to capture exactly what you need. Click and drag anywhere on your screen to select a region with pixel perfect accuracy."
  3. "Scrolling Capture: Quickly capture everything on the page even if it's not showing on the screen. Grab the horizontal, vertical, or entire scrolling area with just a click."
  4. "Mobile Capture: Capture beyond your desktop. Get TechSmith Fuse for your Android or iOS phone to send photos and videos from your mobile device straight to the Snagit editor."

Scsi purchased this "Capture Anything" productivity tool -- which is also available for the Mac -- and uses SnagIt's many features for virtually all capturing-related operations that arise. Scsi finds that SnagIt complements well what ClipMate does, especially when a database storage of captured images is not considered essential. For example, you can even include a datestamp within the captured images -- so useful for documentation purposes and for timelining when something was captured and how it may have changed at a later time. Most recently, Scsi began making use of TechSmith's Fuse app on an Android O/S Smart Phone as a means to readily (wirelessly!) transfer captured images that are selected on the Smart Phone over to a Windows 8.1 O/S Notebook PC having SnagIt installed and launched. The essentially instantaneous transfer via a secure Wi-Fi network connection of all of the selected images was flawless. What a timesaver this "SnagIt Duo" is! Finally, as with other fine products also mentioned on this Web page, the ready availability of free upgrades is an additional reason Scsi recommends that you download an evaluation copy to put it through its paces. Once you do, Scsi is convinced that you also will purchase a copy. Enjoy!

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Total Commander

Christian Ghisler's Total Commander shareware file manager represents a superlative "Swiss Army knife" alternative to Microsoft's Windows Explorer utility program. The Total Commander Web site provides you with all the associated details.

Scsi has purchased and regularly exercises many of Total Commander's features. What about these for starters?

  1. Imagine having access to a wonderful, fast, and unmatched enhanced search function that has been sorely missing since day one from any file manager from Microsoft
  2. Capability to do a Synchronize Directories operations with multiple comparison/selection criteria, including allowing for subdirectories if so desired
  3. Ability to Split/Combine/Pack/Unpack files
  4. A straightforward Test Archives selection
  5. Ability to Compare files by Content
  6. A Multi-Rename Tool
  7. Selections to either encode or decode files
  8. Ability to Create/Verify Cyclic Redundancy Checksums (CRCs) both quickly and easily
  9. Numerous Net(work)-related operations, such as mapping drives, transferring files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Port Connection to another PC


Well, by now you obviously have figured out the reason for why Scsi calls Total Commander a "Swiss Army Knife" utility program that is a must-have productivity tool for anyone who makes use of a PC, period. Coincidentally, Christian Ghisler's software base of operations happens to be in Switzerland, and you probably know that country's well-deserved reputation for always creating fine precision equipment and devices. Christian has generously extended that talent and skill to personal computer software, and users of his finely-crafted software are the beneficiaries.

Scsi encourages you to download and try out this 'thoroughbred' shareware product for yourself and put it through its paces. If you do and you are a serious productivity-focused user, you'll not only buy it, but you'll find yourself recommending it to your PC user friends and associates. And, if you're like Scsi, you will seldom feel any need or desire to look back. The software product has been time-tested, going way back to Windows 3.1 days, and is now equally suitable for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 operating systems. It's really that good.

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