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Contingency Page ("Error 404 Page Not Found" Handling) of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Web Site


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Contingency Page ("Error 404 Page Not Found" Handling) of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Web Site

For your convenience, the major headings provided on this Contingency Page of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Web Site are listed immediately below:


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Whoops! ... Why am I seeing this contingency page (instead of what I expected)?

First of all, ask yourself, "Did you intentionally cause this situation to occur?" -- just to see what Scsi's Contingency page would look like.

Perhaps you reached this Contingency Web page by selecting one of the "Contingency Page" hyperlinks provided for demonstration purposes in several places within the Scsi P&KT Web site's domain of

If this is the cause for this Contingency page to appear, then you should observe that the associated URL address -- -- will be displayed in the Web browser's address window. Please check this for yourself now before proceeding further.

Did you access an "old" or superseded hyperlink to get here?

Or, did you "force" this condition by purposely mistyping a URL address to cause the situation to occur?

Perhaps you decided to test for Scsi's best practice of providing a Contingency Page by entering a non-existent Web page URL address -- say by either altering or deleting some of the characters in a "good URL address" within the domain -- followed by pressing the [Enter] key to see what would happen as a consequence of doing so.

Or is there really a problem with the specific Web page you selected?

Lastly, if you are experiencing an actual "Error 404 Page Not Found" condition while browsing within the Scsi P&KT Web site domain of, whatever the invalid URL address is that has caused this situation will be retained and displayed in the URL address window.

If an actual unforced page-not-found error should prove to be what caused this Contingency Page to appear, please accept Scsi's apologies for its occurrence and do let Scsi know about the specific circumstances that led to its occurrence, and we will address the matter promptly. Thank you!

What can you do if and when this contingency page ever appears?

At this point, the sole purpose of this Contingency page becomes two-fold:

  1. To make you aware of this situation in a friendly and informative manner
  2. To provide you with recommended actions to choose from to get on with whatever you were trying to accomplish prior to encountering this specific error 404 "Page Not Found" condition.


Some choices that come quickly to mind for your consideration are listed below:

  1. Select your browser's Back button to return to the previous Web page you were viewing.
  2. Make a new URL entry in the URL address window right on this Error 404 page and try again.
  3. Select any one of the hyperlinks displayed on this Web page to navigate to a valid Web page.
  4. Select Contact Us, choose the feedback hyperlink to launch your e-mail client software, compose a message, and send it to Scsi to let us know more specifics of what problem(s) you have been experiencing.
  5. Alternatively, you can send Scsi your comments and observations as inquiries using Scsi's on-line Inquiry Form. Once you complete the form and submit it, you will immediately be sent (to whatever e-mail address you chose to enter on that form) an acknowledgement copy of the entered information for your personal records -- all in one fell swoop! Try it out for yourself.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation regarding this matter.

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Need immediate assistance?

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